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Related with the Master Program registration on 2015/2015 odd semester,  the requirements and the registration form can be downloaded at: Registration files can be submitted in bound form ( mica) at the latest in August 14th 2015, and then will be followed with the selection process and administration.

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1. MP Anti Plagiarism 2. MP Academic Advisory Lecturer 3. MP Master Program Evaluation 4. MP Lecturer and Student Research Activity 5. MP Customer Satisfaction 6. MP  Lecture Expert 7. MP Management Review 8. MP Monitoring and Evaluation 9. MP Alumni Tracking 10. MP Training Implementation  11. MP Seminar Implementation 12. MP Master Program by Research 13. MP Scientific Publications 14. MP Freshmen Selection 15. MP Proposed Thesis […]

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1. S2 LECTURE SCHEDULE 2013-2014 (EVEN SEMESTER-DOUBLE DEGREE FT) 2. S2 LECTURE SCHEDULE 2013-2014 (EVEN SEMESTER-REGULAR) REVISION For  Regular (Even) students who follow Academic Writing and Computering course go join the Double Degree students. Regular student (Odd) still follow the Colloquium course .

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Here is the course schedule and class division of FPIK Master Program students even semester 2014/2015, for Regular and Double Degree students. 1. Regular Course Schedule of Even Semester 2014/2015 2. Double Degree Course Schedule of Even Semester 2014/2015 3. Regular Class Division of Even Semester 4. Double Degree Class Division of Even Semester Note : Lecturer Addition […]

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Here is the New Student Registration Number of Even Semester (Regular) which is used to re-registration. Re-registration procedures is as follows : Students make payments in Mandiri Bank, BNI and BRI throughout Indonesia on behalf of Universitas Brawijaya’s Rector, by entering the Registration Number above Doing online registration through To get Student ID Number, click INFO PIN then enter the Registration Number, […]

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Proposing Examiners Lecturer to the Head of the FPIK S2 Study Program Printing Seminar/Exam Schedule Approval Form Submitting Seminar/Exam Schedule Approval Form which is already filled in and signed by the Supervisor/Examiner to the FPIK S2 Academic Section for imprinted invitations Students can take the invitation and submit to the Supervisor/Examiner with enclose Thesis Proposal Note : Schedule Aprroval Form which has […]

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Here is the New Student Registration Number of Even Semester (Double Degree) which is used to re-registration. Double Degree Registration Number The procedure to get Student ID Number is as follows : Doing online registration through Click INFO PIN then enter the Registration Number, then do the next step according to the stages in the system. […]

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S2 FPIK UB lecture on even semester, academic year of 2014/2015 for senior students and new students which was originally scheduled for February 16, 2015, postponed to March 2, 2015. For senior students who have been re-register, it is expected to gather the KRS soon n more than February 6, 2015. As for the new students […]

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Here are the results of new students admission selection in FPIK UB Master Program regular even semester 2014/2015 .   For announcements regarding Registration Number (which is included in the payment of fees) it will be followed. 1. The results of new students admission  2. New student’s attachment

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For new students who will register S2 FPIK UB in the even semester, can download the form and the requirements on the link below : Registration will be closed on January 22, 2015. Re-registration (payment of tuition fee) either for the old students and new students held on February 2-6, 2015.

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