Master of Aquaculture Study Program is one of the study programs in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universitas Brawijaya. The number of lecturers who teach as well as guide students of the Master of Cultivation Study Program are 42 lecturers with details of 14 professors and 28 doctorates. The scientific focus of the Aquaculture master’s program varies because each lecturer has his own field of expertise and has a research group that works in accordance with certain fields of expertise and involves students as research assistants. The research and service areas of the master’s degree in aquaculture include marine, fresh and brackish waters. Each lecturer works in the field and area, including students. All of these fields are still in the corridor of excellence for the master’s degree in aquaculture, namely Sustainable aquaculture with 4 pillars of expertise in nutrition, disease, production and aquaculture environment.


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