Program Expected Outcome of Master of Aquaculture Study Program are:

No Program Expected Outcome
1 PEO 1 Graduates are capable of applying logical and scientific thinking to solve problems in aquaculture, with effective, efficient, valid, reliable, and applicable research methods.
2 PEO 2
  1. Graduates are able to educate and competent in developing the potential of students in the field of fisheries and marine.
  2. Graduates have the ability and competence to explore students’ potential in the field of fisheries and marine affairs.
3 PEO 3
  1. Graduates have the knowledge, abilities, and skills in coordinating activities to achieve the goals of the institution/organization
  2. Graduates are able to plan, organize, lead, and control activities to achieve certain goals.
4 PEO 4 Graduates have the ability, competence, and understanding of aquaculture engineering, ranging from traditional to modern fisheries.